UMRBC 2017 October 9th – 11th

PEP Gomez and Mark Asberry Will be demonstrating Friday and Saturday October 13th and 14th

Mark Asberry Will be teaching a class on October 9 through the 11th.

Mark will be demonstrating tooling and traditional ironwork.

*Advance registration and payment for Mark Aspery classes is required.  Contact Bud Harvey to register for classes.  Email:, phone 309-258-2010.    Each day’s class will cover separate tool making projects:  Mon – Hot cut chisel, slot punch and drift;  Tue –  Hammer eye punch and drift, and top fuller;  Wed – scrolling wrench from 3/8×1 flat bar.  Registration is open for 1, 2, or 3 days. Registration fee is $150.00 per day.  Deadline is Sept. 1 or until the 12 available positions for each day is filled on a first to register priority.

Registration form below…

UMRBC 2017 Registration pdf

Pep Will be demonstrating the making of Damascus blades.

José “Pep” Gómez – Brief Bio

José “Pep” Gómez was born in El Paso, Texas in 1975. He first became interested in metal-working 25 years ago, when he observed an artist casting aluminum at a street festival in El Paso. After that he began gravitating towards general metalworking, including blacksmithing, fabrication, welding, and metal sculpture. After having his art shown in numerous gallery openings over several years in El Paso, Pep migrated to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1997 in order to attend welding classes at Doña Ana Community College. While a student there, he won two state welding championships and back-to-back silver medals in the Skills USA national welding competition. Following graduation, he worked 4 years for Lockheed-Martin as Senior Field Technician, and has spent 10 years as an instructor and now Tenured Associate Professor of Welding Technology at the Doña Ana Community College. Gómez has been a member of the Southwest Artists Blacksmiths, Arizona Artists Blacksmiths, and Borderland Artists Blacksmiths Association for several years. He also owns and operates “Lost Arts Forge and Metal Works” where he specializes in the production of pattern welded steel, forging of pattern welded blades, restoring and rebuilding heavy equipment, and welding fabrication and repair of all things metal. His work can be seen at

Demonstrations Will be from 9 to 4 at thresher man park in Pontiac Illinois

Plenty of campsites with electricity

Several hotels in Pontiac

Sign-up information for classes Will be coming soon.

The Auction & It’s Rules

Time: Saturday Night

The Auction will take place Saturday night after dinner.


  1. 1.Only hand crafted items made by a UMRBC affiliate member can be offered for consignment auction.

  2. 2.The UMRBC affiliate member will determine whether the item is to be offered for sale on consignment or donated.

  3. 3.A special tag with the consigner’s name and item description will be attached ot each consignment item.

  4. 4.The consignor has the option to specific a minimum reserve sale price. The Auction Committee must be notified of the minimum reserve price.

  5. 5.If a minimum price auctions bid is not achieved, the consignor has a one time option to accept a lesser auction bid. If the decision is “no sale”, bidding is over.

  6. 6.UMRBC will receive consignment auction fee equal to 25% of the final sale bid.

  7. 7.Auction fee won’t be assessed for an unsold item or any item not sold of the Auction.

  8. 8.UMRBC will not be responsible for loss or damage to consignment ite,s.

  9. 9.The consignor will be responsible for paying any applicable sales tax.

  10. 10.Individuals attending the Conference solely for the purpose of the auction must register with the Auction Committee and provide proof of identity and contact information. No Cogerence registration or fees will be required.

Some other things you should know…

Iron in the Hat

This is stuff you loved at one time: old tools, early blacksmith art books, magazines about blacksmithing and other related items. Tickets will be sold and then winners will be drawn until all of the items are gone.

Saturday Night Meal

After the demonstrators are done, a meal will be served. Tickets for meals can be purchased when signing up for the conference. The auction will follow dinner.

Beginner Classes

Classtimes to be announced…

Forging Contest

After the auction, a forging contest will be held. Please sign up for the contest at the registration desk. The theme of the contest will be decided at a laster date.


The Threshermens have put in flush toilets. There are no more pit and cone toilets.

Location & Address

North of Pontiac, IL on Route 23 North of Interstate 55 about 1 mile. Just north of Chicago Land Fill Hills.

Threshermen’s Park

14975 E 2200 N Rd,

Pontiac, IL 61764

Hotels Near By

– QUALITY INN: 1823 W. Reynolds St., Pontiac, IL > (815)-844-4444

– BEST WESTERN: 1821 W. Reynolds St., Potiac, IL > (815)-842-2777

– SUPER 8: 601 S. Deerfield Rd. Pontiac, IL > (815)-844-6888

– COMFORT INN: 1821 W. Reynolds St., Pontiac, IL > (815)-842-2777

– FIESTA MOTEL: 951 W. Reynolds St., Pontiac, IL > (815)-844-7103

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